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PE13 postcode area, Cambridgeshire
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needadisco.com carries details for hundreds of mobile disco companies across the UK, including Wisbech. We supply thousands of FREE quotations every month for all kinds of events right across the UK and Ireland, from small pub function rooms and private parties to lavish weddings and corporate events, kids birthday parties to golden wedding anniversaries.

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The following Wisbech DJs and Disco Companies are based locally or regularly travel to parties and events in this area...

DJmark Award Holders

All DJmark Award holders are insured (PLI), regularly safety check their equipment (PAT), issue written contracts and operate in accordance with copyright laws.
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What do the coloured symbols mean?

Mobile Discos Nearest to Wisbech

Here are our members nearest to your venue location shown on a map. The map can be manipulated using the controls to the left. The round coloured numbers may be clicked to zoom in a little and reveal clusters of DJs who are based near to each other.

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Prices for Mobile Disco Hire in Wisbech

Here at needadisco.com we issue thousands of quote requests each week on behalf of our site visitors. We take feedback from our members and also members of the public who book DJs. All of this information offers us a unique insight into the current prices charged by DJs right across the country.

NOTE: The disco costing figures shown below are AVERAGES taken from hundreds of quotes for all types of event in the Wisbech area over the past 18-24 months. We continually monitor feedback from disco clients and DJs themselves to fine-tune these estimates. What do we mean by Budget/Mid-Price/Quality DJ?

Unless you specifically instruct us to do so, we will NEVER disclose your budget to any of our members, except for events held on New Years Eve. All information relating to mobile disco pricing is aggregated and used only for statistical analysis.

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Event Type Budget DJ Mid-Price DJ Quality DJ
2-hour children's party Up to £125 £125 - £200 £200+
Evening Function 4-5 hours Up to £175 £175 - £300 £300+
Wedding Reception (evening) Up to £200 £200 - £400 £400+

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About Our DJs

The DJ and disco companies shown above who are members of needadisco.com offer a wide range of music-based entertainment services for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Engagements, Corporate Events, Social Evenings, Balls, Charity Fundraisers ... you name it and we have a mobile disco for you! Working at a range of different budgets, needadisco.com provides access to hundreds of the UKs professional mobile disc jockeys, from cheap and cheerful low cost DJs for kids parties and pub functions through to very experienced specialist DJs for special events where only the best will do.

All of the DJs above cover a particular area of the country, and in particular the Wisbech, Guyhirn, Murron, Parson Drove, Tydd St Giles, Wisbech St Mary, Cambridgeshire area which you searched. When you ask us to provide you with FREE mobile disco quotes we will ask you for a few basic details about your event and then pass these to the DJs who we know will be able to fulfil your requirements. These DJs, if available on your party date, will then send you detailed quotes from which you can pick and choose in your own time. There is no obligation to book any of our DJs and we do not work on a commission basis. Once you have requested quotes, we will not spam you or keep you on any mailing lists. We will not sell your details or use them for any purpose other than arranging quotes and asking you for feedback after the event should you book one of our DJs.

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The DJ companies shown above have told us that they offer their services for weddings, parties and events in the Wisbech, Guyhirn, Murron, Parson Drove, Tydd St Giles, Wisbech St Mary area. The order in which they are listed depends on their ranking within our site and their proximity to your venue. Those DJs at the top of the list are based locally and offer the highest quality of customer service. Those further down the list are based an increasing distance from the venue and offer a lower standard of service. The coloured icons summarise the "proof points" which we have validated and the DJmark Awards denote the level of award they have received at the DJmark Accreditation Scheme website.

Key To Symbols Used

Public Liability Insurance covers the DJ in case of accident or damage caused through negligence. Many venues, particularly council property and hotels, require your subscontractors to hold PLI - some require as much as £10m worth of cover. If your DJ does not hold PLI then your venue might refuse access so this is definitely something you should check.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is a safety regime requiring electrical items to be tested and certified on a regular basis, usually annually. Many venues, particularly council properties, require your subcontractors to hold PAT records. If your DJ cannot produce these, then your venue might refuse access so this is definitely something you should check.

A ProDub Licence is required by some digital DJs who have converted their music from other formats such as CD or vinyl, or those who download music and write it to blank CDs. Your venue might require sight of a ProDub licence if your DJ copies music in this way as a condition of their own public performance licence terms. Not all DJs require ProDub - it depends how they manipulate their music.

A comprehensive Health & Safety Policy has been received from this member. Some venues, particularly hotels and historic buildings, require your contractors to undertake risk assessments prior to allowing public entry to the entertainment area. This confirms that we are satisfied with the procedures followed by this member.

Golden Feedback has been received for this member. This is positive feedback from a client who has found this DJ via needadisco.com and subsequently completed our post-event survey.

DJ Types

At needadisco.com, in order to help clients visualise the type of DJ they should hire for different types of events and budgets, we group our DJs into one of three "types" - Budget DJs, Mid-Price DJs and Premium Quality DJs. When you ask us to supply DJ quotes we will ask you which category/ies you want us to pull DJs from. The following narrative should help you decide.

Budget / Low-Cost DJs

Budget (cheap) DJs are often less experienced or just starting out in the business. They may be part of a group of DJs working for an agent ("multi-op") down to a fixed price, so you may not know exactly who your DJ is in advance. Many operate as part-time businesses and are less likely to carry Public Liability Insurance or undetake regular electrical safety checks and servicing on their equipment - something your venue may insist on.

Budget DJs tend to operate low-cost or older equipment with limited backup. They are more likely to operate on a cash basis without the protection of contracts and formal booking procedures.

You can expect a low-cost DJ to attend your function with a very basic sound rig, often just a couple of speakers to provide sound for the dancefloor, and a small selection of lighting effects working in "sound-to-light" mode - ie. flashing different colours in time to the beat. You can expect limited interaction with your Budget DJ prior to the party. Most will accept some music requests on the night but will be working with a fairly limited music collection.

Mid-Price / Average Cost DJs

This category tends to include a mix of full-time and part-time operators, usually with significantly more experience than Budget DJs and capable of performing at a wider range of events including weddings and corporate parties. They tend to take account of industry best practices in respect of insurances and safety testing and will usually be able to provide lots of good positive feedback from former clients.

Experienced DJs will most likely offer a range of payment methods backed by the protection of a contract and formal booking documentation. Many are also limited companies with backup equipment, staff and procedures.

A mid-range DJ will likely have a choice of equipment which will be selected to best suit your function and venue, and might offer some level of control over the lighting to keep it synchronised and befitting of the music style playing. They will usually offer a consultation in advance and be skilled enough to "hold the function together" on the night, continually thinking and planning ahead to make the event go smoothly. You can expect smart dress, good levels of presentation and confident microphone skills.

Quality / Premium DJs

All of the DJs in this category are holders of DJmark Awards - this means that their business practices have been independently assessed and their documentation validated by a third party.

The best choice for important formal and informal events, Premium DJs will have a great track record in the business and an excellent, proven, customer service record. They are most likely to be full-time businesses specialising in certain types of event such as weddings or corporate events. They will run discreet, modern, high-specification equipment with plenty of backup on hand to ensure that the show goes on regardless.

A quality DJ is most likely to work with you in advance to plan all aspects of the event, from equipment and lighting needs through to music preferences, announcements, key timings and the structure of the party. They will be willing to work with other entertainment providers and the venue management to avoid any unnecessary "surprises". They possess the experience and skills to ensure meticulous planning and preparation befitting of their fee, and will be smartly presented on the day to suit your function.

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