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"Cut The Cheese And Get A Credible Mobile Nightclub"

My mobile nightclub brings a bar atmosphere to your event, with current chart hits, credible dance anthems on a high quality sound system with professional lighting setup. You'll hear more Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, David Guetta and Rihanna. And if you do fancy something a little cheesier mixed in, I know exactly the right songs to play at the right time!

I'm Gavin Harris, a DJ who has performed at many high street bars, as well as heard regularly on air on 107 JACK fm Berkshire.

With access to an online planning system, you'll have complete control over your event, confident that everything is fully planned ahead of your event.

Age Groups Covered

Under 7

7 - 11

12 - 15

16 - 21

& Mixed

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  • Very good approach to event
  • First to contact - good reviews - additional services included in price
  • Friendly on phone - fairly local
  • Most relevant experience
  • Great email - sounded very knowledgeable on the phone
  • Matched brief
  • Most helpful and friendly
  • Easy to communicate with and flexible regarding setup etc.
  • Great website and intro email - very friendly on phone
  • Instilled confidence during phone chat

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Client reviews for Gavin Harris Wedding DJ

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Individual Reviews

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  • 23/04/2016
    23/04/2016 | Wedding
    23/04/2016 | Wedding in Henley on Thames (RG9)

    Event took place at Henley on Thames Town Hall

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Wedding) which took place in Henley on Thames (RG9).

    Review provided by Alistair Haig on 31/05/2016

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "Gavin did a fantastic job. he was friendly and approachable before the day and went through our requirements in detail before the event. Most importantly of all, the dance floor was packed all night. Couldn't recommend highly enough!"

  • 26/03/2016
    26/03/2016 | Wedding
    26/03/2016 | Wedding in Farnham (GU10)

    Event took place at Northbrook Park

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Wedding) which took place in Farnham (GU10).

    Review provided by Kevin on 18/04/2016

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "Gavin Harris, please remember the name as you will definitely will not need to search any further, after helping our Daughter Laura and Andy to source a DJ for their special occasion, came across Gavin who contacted us within a few hours of our enquiry, he filled us with confidence right from the word go, very upfront and very affordable as some tend to hear Wedding and the price goes up..not Gavin he listened to what their choices of Music were,met the couple to go over the venue and their requirements, choice of breakfast music (Rat Pack) easy listening set up the Mics for the speeches, this guy is a professional and is a DJ for Jack FM so he knows what he is talking about, fully licensed, music not overly loud so very comforting for all ages, everyone on the dance floor which is very rare these days, some of the party have already booked him for various occasions, 10/10 and above and thank you for making our lives a whole lot easier for choice and on the day. cheers all the best Father of the Bride"

  • 19/12/2015
    19/12/2015 | Wedding
    19/12/2015 | Wedding in Reading (RG41)

    Event took place at Reading Moat House

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Wedding) which took place in Reading (RG41).

    Review provided by Mrs Hook on 12/01/2016

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "Gavin is professional and very easy to communicate with. He was very helpful when I contacted him about my daughter's wedding evening and he suggested that he meet with my daughter and now son-in-law before the wedding evening to discuss their requirements for the evening. He suggested they create a playlist beforehand of music they definitely wanted and also didn't want! We had a great evening dancing the night away. I would definitely recommend him."

  • 21/11/2015
    21/11/2015 | Wedding
    21/11/2015 | Wedding in Basingstoke (RG26)

    Event took place at Pitt Hall Barn

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Wedding) which took place in Basingstoke (RG26).

    Review provided by Craig Jenkins on 07/01/2016

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "It was a real pleasure to have Gavin Perform at our wedding; he really helped the evening go with a bang. Gavin was really professional when speaking to him on the phone and that continued all throughout the planning and the day itself. We had requests set up which were played but needed to be changed on the night to get people dancing and also took requests from other guests. Its such a major part of the day and went without a hitch If you want a event with great music with a professional DJ and minimum of fuss, look no further. I can?t recommend him enough, 5 stars!"

  • 05/09/2015
    05/09/2015 | Wedding
    05/09/2015 | Wedding in Chertsey (KT16)

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Wedding) which took place in Chertsey (KT16).

    Review provided by Zannet on 27/09/2015

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "Very happy with our choice in Gavin for our wedding party. He is very easy to talk to, always with a smile, he set up and packed at the end very discreetly and played music that all our guests enjoyed, as well as all of our special requests. Overall excellent value for money, will definitely use Gavin again and would recommend him."

  • 22/08/2015
    22/08/2015 | Wedding
    22/08/2015 | Wedding in Bracknell (RG12)

    Event took place at South Hill Park

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Wedding) which took place in Bracknell (RG12).

    Review provided by Sarah on 18/09/2015

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "We highly recommend Gavin! :) We hired him for our wedding and the value for money was great. Gavin has a cool online system set up that makes it really easy to pick out songs and schedule any special dances you would like. He also meets with you before the event which really made us feel comfortable and excited for the day. He was great with our guests, friendly and professional. We will definitely hire him for future events and refer people to him whenever we can!!! :)"

  • 08/08/2015
    08/08/2015 | Birthday (6yrs or under)
    08/08/2015 | Birthday (6yrs or under) in Ascot (SL5)

    Event took place at Royal Ascot Golf Club

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Birthday (6yrs or under)) which took place in Ascot (SL5).

    Review provided by Lisa Croxon on 31/08/2015

    Deposit Not Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    No comments were provided but multiple-choice questions were answered which resulted an overall score of 4.9 out of 5

  • 11/07/2015
    11/07/2015 | Birthday 50th
    11/07/2015 | Birthday 50th in Kingston upon Thames (KT1)

    Event took place at The Bishop (Out Of Residence)

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Birthday 50th) which took place in Kingston upon Thames (KT1).

    Review provided by Jane goddard on 27/07/2015

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "Gavin provided an excellent DJ service. There was a mixed age group crowd but everyone was dancing and Gavin really understood that audience and ensured that everyone stayed on the dance floor. I would highly recommend Gavin. Extremely professional and he really did contribute to a great event."

  • 27/06/2015
    27/06/2015 | Wedding
    27/06/2015 | Wedding in Newbury (RG14)

    Event took place at The Chequers Hotel

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Wedding) which took place in Newbury (RG14).

    Review provided by Neil on 01/07/2015

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "Very easy process to book. Very informative and knowledgeable. Great performance. Would recommend for your event."

  • 20/06/2015
    20/06/2015 | Anniversary
    20/06/2015 | Anniversary in Guildford (GU1)

    Event took place at Guildford Waterside Centre (Wey Kayak)

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Anniversary) which took place in Guildford (GU1).

    Review provided by Charlie on 29/06/2015

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "Extremely happy with Gavin's work on our small party. He was involved beforehand with an online playlist system and eager to adapt to bespoke arrangements for the night. He arrived with plenty of time to spare and set up without any fuss. The entertainment itself went as planned without any hiccups and all the guests enjoyed themselves immensely. All in all a very smooth arrangement and I'd be happy to recommend Gavin for any function, big or small."

  • 30/05/2015
    30/05/2015 | Birthday 50th
    30/05/2015 | Birthday 50th in Hampton (TW12)

    DJ for this event: Gavin

    This feedback is for an event (Birthday 50th) which took place in Hampton (TW12).

    Review provided by Tim Walker on 15/06/2015

    Deposit Requested | Ts & Cs Supplied

    "I had a fantastic 50th and in large part this was due to the quality of Gavin who was the DJ I booked. I picked Gavin as he was very personal me on the phone initially, was very happy to put together a very specific song list I wanted and at every stage before the event he ensured that I was reassured about the details through regular correspondence. On the day itself Gavin was a consummate professional adding comments to the tunes sparingly and in line with how I wished for the flow to go. He was very happy to take on some extra duties too on the night as I wanted to give away spot prizes and did not put a foot wrong in my opinion. I would not hesitate in recommending Gavin as the DJ for any of my friends events if they needed one and would wholeheartedly recommend Gavin to any user of the needadisco site."

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PictureNameTaglineExperienceMusic Specialities
Gavin Harris
Experienced specialist wedding DJ19 yearsCurrent chart, 80s, Pop, 90s, 00s/10s, R&B

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