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I'm a member and I've forgotten my credentials
Type either your login name or primary email address into the Login Name box above, and then click here to receive a reminder via email.

The email should arrive quite quickly but you may need to look in SPAM/JUNK folders and whitelist the domain before trying again.

If all else fails, see the Last Resort FAQ below...
I recently signed up as a member but I haven't received my account details
We will usually process new applications within an hour or two of receipt but ask that you allow one working day (Mon-Fri).

Once your account is set up we will send you a welcome email from
I'm certain my login and password are correct but they are not working
Occasionally cookies can get corrupted and this is usually the cause of this problem. Try this link to clear cookies and then try again. If this still doesn't work for you, see the Last Resort FAQ below...
I requested quotes and now I need to amend or close my enquiry
This page is only for members - instead you need to visit this page or click on 'Amend/Close Enquiry' from the menu at the top of the page
I no longer have access to my registered primary email address
Email notifications and login reminders can only be sent to your registered primary email address. If you set up a secondary email account we will also send any important notifications there.

If you want us to change your primary email address, log in and raise a support request with full details.

If you want us to change your primary email address but you have also forgotten your login details, see the Last Resort FAQ below...
I used to be a member but my login doesn't work any more
If your login doesn't work any more, then your account has been suspended or terminated either at your own request or because you did not respond to any of our expiry reminder notices.

You are more than welcome to apply for a new listing - see our signup page for current options and any special offers which may apply. Once we have your details and initial payment we will have you online again typically within a couple of hours (but please allow 1 working day (Mon-Fri)).

If your previous listing expired within the last 30 days, we may be able to recover some or all of your account history. However if your previous listing expired more than a month ago we will have removed all of your details from our databases so you will need to spend some time setting up your profile again.
LAST RESORT - none of the above works! HELP!!
If nothing else is working for you, you can send us a message via this link - please note that this is for site members only and we are unable to deal with user enquiries this way. If you are a user of the website looking for help click on Amend/Close Enquiry in the top menu.