Problems Logging On?

Your login is the Primary email account associated with your profile.

This is the address that we have always used to send lead notifications and messages about your account.

If you don't know what this is, refer to the LAST RESORT option below. You can request a password reminder from the sign-on page and this will go to the same email address, but you may need to check Junk or Spam folders, or ensure that the domain name is whitelisted.

We usually process new applications within an hour or two but sometimes this can take a bit longer especially if you joined outside office hours. Don't worry - once your account is set up we will send you a welcome email!

Your welcome email will be sent from - so please ensure you whitelist this address or remember to check Junk and SPAM folders regularly.

You're in the wrong place! This page is for site members only. Try HERE or click on 'Amend/Close Enquiry' from the top line of any of our public webpages such as this one

Email notifications and login reminders can only be sent to the Primary email address registered to your profile. If you have added a Secondary email address we can also send important notifications there.

If you want to change your Primary address please raise a support request with full details (requires login)

If you want to change your Primary address AND you have forgotten your login details see LAST RESORT option below.

If your login doesn't work any more, then your account has been closed either at your own request or because you did not respond to any of our expiry reminder notices and your 90-day free listing grace period has run out. For reasons of data privacy we don't hold on to personal details any longer than necessary.

You are more than welcome to apply for a new listing please visit our signup page for available options and any current offers. Once we have your details and initial payment we will have you online again quickly.

If your previous listing expired within the last 90 days, we may be able to recover some or all of your account history. However, if it expired longer ago, or you previously requested termination, you may need to spend some time setting up your profile again.

If you have tried everything and still cannot get access, you can raise a special support request via this link - this is for site members only and we are unable to deal with user enquiries this way.

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