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The best local wedding DJ companies covering Uxbridge

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Logo for DJ StefDJ Stef is a DIAMOND DJmark holderDJ Stef
Music For All Ages And For Everyone's Party
from 50 reviews
DJ Stef offers a Mobile Disco serviceDJ Stef offers karaokeDJ Stef offers dancefloor hire
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Logo for Sound DivisionSound Division is a DIAMOND DJmark holderSound Division
Mobile Entertainment
from 59 reviews
Sound Division offers a Mobile Disco serviceSound Division offers karaokeSound Division offers dancefloor hireSound Division offers photo boothsSound Division offers giant light-up letter hire
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Logo for Allsounds RoadshowAllsounds Roadshow
30 Years Experience & Knowledge Of The Profession
from 94 reviews
Allsounds Roadshow offers a Mobile Disco serviceAllsounds Roadshow offers dancefloor hireAllsounds Roadshow offers photo boothsAllsounds Roadshow offers giant light-up letter hireAllsounds Roadshow offers professional photography
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Logo for DJ SoundsDJ Sounds is a GOLD DJmark holderDJ Sounds
Mobile Disco / Wedding Disco
from 59 reviews
DJ Sounds offers a Mobile Disco serviceDJ Sounds offers dancefloor hireDJ Sounds offers photo boothsDJ Sounds offers giant light-up letter hire
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Logo for Capital NightlifeCapital Nightlife is a PLATINUM DJmark holderCapital Nightlife
Professional Disco And DJ Service
from 54 reviews
Capital Nightlife offers a Mobile Disco serviceCapital Nightlife offers dancefloor hireCapital Nightlife offers photo boothsCapital Nightlife offers giant light-up letter hireCapital Nightlife offers professional photography
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Logo for A.R.C. DiscoA.R.C. Disco is a PLATINUM DJmark holderA.R.C. Disco
Remember - It's Your Party - We Do!
from 33 reviews
A.R.C. Disco offers a Mobile Disco serviceA.R.C. Disco offers dancefloor hireA.R.C. Disco offers photo boothsA.R.C. Disco offers giant light-up letter hire
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Logo for City Nights DiscosCity Nights Discos is a PLATINUM DJmark holderCity Nights Discos
Professional, Reliable DJs At Great Prices
from 5 reviews
City Nights Discos offers a Mobile Disco serviceCity Nights Discos offers karaokeCity Nights Discos offers dancefloor hireCity Nights Discos offers photo boothsCity Nights Discos offers giant light-up letter hire
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Logo for Solitaire Events LtdSolitaire Events Ltd
Professional Entertainment Solutions
from 3 reviews
Solitaire Events Ltd offers a Mobile Disco serviceSolitaire Events Ltd offers karaokeSolitaire Events Ltd offers dancefloor hireSolitaire Events Ltd offers photo boothsSolitaire Events Ltd offers giant light-up letter hireSolitaire Events Ltd offers live entertainmentSolitaire Events Ltd offers catering services
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Logo for Always DapperAlways Dapper
Your Event Is Our Passion
Always Dapper offers a Mobile Disco serviceAlways Dapper offers dancefloor hireAlways Dapper offers photo boothsAlways Dapper offers giant light-up letter hire
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Typical Wedding DJ Prices in Uxbridge

Firstly, a disclaimer. There are LOTS of mobile DJs and entertainment companies out there - mostly run by individuals - some as a part-time extension of their hobby and others as a full-time professional business with associated overheads. You will find endless debates about pricing on DJ forums and Facebook groups, with some DJs quite happy to work for £150 per night and others that "wouldn't load the van for less than £500" for the same event! In short, if you shop around you will find there is a much wider range of pricing (and therefore service level) than in many other industries.

However, most people have never booked a wedding DJ before and have no idea when it comes to working out how much to budget. So we have consolidated the details for hundreds of recent weddings that have taken place in this area to come up with guideline pricing showing typical rates for wedding DJ hire, and we update these regularly to reflect current trends. One thing to note is that these numbers are obtained from people booking wedding DJs in Uxbridge rather than the DJs themselves, so they are more likely to be realistic.

The only way to be sure is to request FREE wedding DJ quotes for your special day.

We costed DJs for a typical Evening Wedding Reception in Uxbridge

This is for an evening-only event of 4/5 hours duration for DJ, equipment and effects lighting and no additional extras

Budget DJMid-Range DJPremium DJ
£150 - £420 £420 - £630 From £630

We costed DJs for an ALL DAY Wedding in the UB area

This would typically include music for the ceremony, use of microphones during the wedding breakfast, and then the evening reception with DJ, equipment and effects lighting and no additional extras.

Budget DJMid-Range DJPremium DJ
£250 - £670 £670 - £1010 From £1010
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Wedding DJ Booking Tips

For many, their choice of wedding DJ will make a dramatic difference to the success of their day. The evening disco is the lasting impression of your celebration long after the formalities, cake and dress are forgotten. However for some, where the music is incidental, a basic service if often all that is required.

The biggest deciding factor in ensuring the quality of the wedding DJ service you hire is usually the budget. We urge you to consider this very carefully as an overall percentage cost of your event. Don't shop purely on price because many experienced yet affordable DJs will actively avoid clients that appear not to value the service and focus only on cost. You could miss out on a great (and affordable) DJ simply by starting the conversation with "How much for...". Instead we urge you to shop around on the suitability, reputation and level of service being offered - then, once you have narrowed down the options to a shortlist of suitable wedding DJs, THEN look at the pricing.

Here at we've done most of the legwork for you by pre-vetting all of the disco companies that we feature here and ranking them for you. Complete our simple enquiry form and we'll arrange for our members that cover your venue and have availability on your wedding day to send you quotes FREE OF CHARGE and without obligation.

Online Reviews for mobile DJs


Many review platforms such as Facebook and Google accept "reviews" from ANYONE whether or not they've actually used the service - including the DJ, the DJ's partner, the DJ's friends, the DJ's dog... and many platforms suffer from fake reviews reviews can only be submitted by clients that have used the service to source their wedding DJ. We do not accept random reviews. We also think that reviews can go out of date quite quickly, so we do not count reviews that are more than 3 years old to be sure that you're getting an up-to-date picture. Also, our Uxbridge discos are clearly ranked on specific criteria such as audio quality, lighting quality, presentation, music choices, request handling, microphone use, audience interaction and more, so that you can quickly compare local DJ services.

Sample DJmark Award Image


All DJmark Award holding DJs in Uxbridge operate legally and with due regard for excellent customer service.

DJmark is the longest established and most rigorous award available to the UK mobile disco industry, working with mobile DJs to independently check paperwork, credentials and customer feedback. If you employ a DJmark Award holding DJ for your wedding, you can be assured that you will be working with "one of the good guys". Learn more about DJmark and how booking an award holder can save you a lot of time and potential stress for your event.

Communication is king


Be very clear about your expectations for the event and TALK to your potential DJ about them. Don't be afraid to walk away if you're not confident in his/her abilities to deliver.

Do you want a straightforward 'same-as-everyone-else' mobile disco or are you looking for something a little different? Are you looking for a Uxbridge DJ who can rapidly switch genres to suit the guests ... or would you prefer a club-style DJ with a predetermined set and excellent beatmatching skills? Would you be happy with a silent DJ or would you like someone with microphone skills and the right presence to confidently make announcements and keep your guests informed?

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Recent Weddings in Uxbridge and Nearby Towns

Here's some recent weddings at venues near you just to give you some idea of the types of services that are popular, and the typical costs for DJ entertainment in and around Uxbridge. Note that your requirements may well be different.

VenueDJ UsedAdditional ServicesBudget
Hayes Working Mens Club
A.R.C. Disco logoA.R.C. Disco
Remember - It's Your Party - We Do!
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Upcoming Weddings in Uxbridge and Nearby Towns

Here's some upcoming weddings at venues in and around Uxbridge so that you can see what others are planning!

VenueWhen?Services SoughtBudget
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